The Awful Truth About Women’s Self-Defense

The awful truth about womens self defense

Ever ask yourself why there’s so many cringe-worthy videos online on the topic of women’s self-defense? If you’re not sure what I mean, here’s a prime example*: Hard to watch? Kind of makes you embarrassed for martial arts instructors everywhere, doesn’t it? The Culprit: The Expert Delusion I can tell you that part of the…

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What The Heck Is A Rotating Curriculum?

rotating curriculum banner image

The Rotating Curriculum: A Tried And True Method For Teaching Large Groups And Multiple Ranks When I started my first martial arts school, I had no idea what I was getting into. For starters, I’d never taught a class larger than eight or ten students. So, when my classes swelled and my enrollment grew, and…

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Courtesy And Building Character In Kids Through Martial Arts

martial arts character education lesson plans for children

Martial Arts And Character Development The concept of teaching character has become nearly synonymous with teaching martial arts. For better or for worse, since the original Karate Kid movie released the public has held the image of benevolent, peace-loving, slightly cantankerous Mr. Miyagi to be the measure by which all children’s martial arts instructors should be measured.…

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Fitness and the Business of Martial Arts

The Question of Integrity and Making a Buck in Your Martial Arts Business Since I announced in my email newsletter a few years ago that I was teaching fitness boot camps in my martial art school, it seems that every martial arts school is offering boot camps. While I think this is great, the problem…

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