Can You Earn a Living Teaching Martial Arts for Free?

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Q: Do you think you could make a living teaching martial arts for free? The obvious answer is, of course not. Sure, you can attract students with free trial offers, and many school owners do. But there has to be a limit, or else you’ll go broke giving away your time and expertise to people…

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The Beginner’s Mind In Business And Martial Arts

beginners mind in business and martial arts

What does cancer have to do with the beginner’s mind and the business of running a martial arts school? Read on to find out… The Day I Had To Start All Over Again… Almost two years ago, doctors found a roughly racquetball-sized mass in my right lung. I’d contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus a few weeks…

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The Cost Of Being A Succesful Martial Art School Owner

martial arts business success

“THE COST OF BEING WHO YOU ARE IS CONFLICT WITH THOSE WHO WANT YOU TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. THE COST OF BEING WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE IS CONFLICT WITH YOURSELF.” ~UNKNOWN I like this quote this week because it reminds me of the dissonance many instructors and school owners experience when they first…

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Read. The. Books.

read martial arts business books

(I wrote the following post about why you should read my martial arts business books for my free Small Dojo Big Profits discussion group on Facebook. When I refer to “this group” or “the group” that’s why. ~M.M.) Sometimes I might seem just a wee bit grouchy when I respond to posts in this group.…

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Are You Running Someone Else’s Dojo?

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Do you want to know what’s frustrating? It’s when you follow the instructions, only to realize that the instructions were meant for someone else… Back when I was running my first studio, I had heard about this martial arts business coach who was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. His claim to…

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